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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Natalia28, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. larrynla

    larrynla Member

    Which comes first? It can either one; we are not clones of each other. Further more, there is more than one kind of passion. Sexual attraction, personal attraction, fire for a particular piece of music, for the sheer athleticism of movements well done.
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  2. Reuven Thetanguero

    Reuven Thetanguero Active Member

    In my view, you can not be passionate about something before you know anything about it.
  3. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Basically I do agree. But I learned tango the other way round: I went home frustrated of my first salsa lesson (much too quick, much to much dizzying, weird rhythm, ..). Accidentally on my way home I watched through a fogged window people dancing tango. Instantly I knew that tango would be my dance. I went in while the tantalizing violins got louder and louder from one corridor to another (it must have been diSarli afterwards, who infected me). That walk was kind of slow motion, kind of trance. When I finally reached the hall, a woman stood up and we danced. I danced tango socially for two or three years until I started to have lessons and classes.
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  4. Reuven Thetanguero

    Reuven Thetanguero Active Member

    It was a Sally Potter in "The Tango Lesson" moment for you...
  5. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Indeed ! Two week before that day I saw the Tango Lesson on TV: what a weird crap I thought by myself. Two weeks after that first contact it happened that I saw the Tango Lesson again. What a difference, a lever in my head was switched: everything was soooo true, the music sooo real, the dancing so noble.
  6. oldtangoguy

    oldtangoguy Active Member

    In my case, it is technique that fosters any appearance of passion, however illusory that passion may be.

    My wife and I are passionate about the dance as well as each other. We've been told that our love for one-another is sometimes visible on the dance floor.

    I also have a teaching partner. We are both passionate about the dance, about the music, and about the communication we share when we dance. We are not romantically involved. Although we have been complemented on the care we clearly have for one-other when we dance, no one has suggested that we are passionate about each other.

    When I dance in a milonga, although I may feel passionately about the dance, I do not feel passion towards each of the dozen women I may dance with over the course of the night. If the tanda was enjoyable for both of us, that's enough.

    So. What passion are you talking about?
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