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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by TomTango, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. TomTango

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    I live in Boise, Idaho and we have what I would classify a very small tango scene. There is only one instructor in town who teaches tango one night a week (usually pretty dead), and a tango club who holds a practica another weeknight where anywhere from 10 to 20 people come to dance. They're passionate about tango, but never seem to attract any newcomers. To grow the scene, I first tried to get my instructor and the tango club to work together, but they have different views on how things should be, and that fell through.

    I was talking with my instructor and he suggested that perhaps I create another tango weekly event (beginner lesson followed by practica) at a venue separate from his studio and the tango club's stuff, since I'm so interested in growing the scene. I have a venue lined up for a Sunday night, and I'm confident I could teach a simple beginner lesson (been dancing about six months). But, I've never done something like this before and I'm afraid no one will come. After trying and failing to get my friends into tango and running a facebook group specifically for tango, I'm aware at how difficult it is here to get people interested. Does anyone have any suggestions for promoting an event like this, or suggestions for growing the scene in general?
  2. Mladenac

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    Just organize practica and learn about the music. You may show those elements at the practica.
    Focus more on simple music cause nobody will be able to dance to it if it is to complicated.

    Go as many festivals and beginners' workshop.

    Find preference style of professionals do the slow motion and start to practice technique of basic elements.
    There was a thread about beginners technique.
  3. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Hi Tom, these are my ideas:

    -make it rather a little bit more exclusive (that is a fail safe way to attract people that were not invited). Organize a party in your own house, garden, or any other very special location. Invite your local teacher or a well know teacher from elsewhere for a little practica, teaser class or show. Also invite important multipliers from other hunting grounds, as salsa, swing or BR dancers. But keep the number small.

    -organize an trans-regional tango marathon. Over here in europe this kind of event format especially attracts young and presentable dancers in particular. This could help to call attention for your project.
  4. AndaBien

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    Having differing ideas is a good thing, because it creates diversity, and that satisfies more people.

    Philosophically, devote yourself to supporting all tango events. Do not, under any circumstances, allow feuds to begin between factions.

    I'd suggest sponsoring house parties. They allow people to socialize more easily than at studios. People all bring something to eat or drink, thereby investing themselves in a community effort. There's no charge. When the community is small, I think it's important to promote community feeling as well as dancing tango.
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  5. Zoopsia59

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    Start a yahoo meetup group for tango where you build a group that attends and supports all the different events. Attend all the different events yourself and talk to people about joining your yahoo group to say up to date on all regional events.

    The advantage of yahoo meetup over facebook is that people in your geographic area might have the group "suggested" to them or they might see it in a search for "groups in my area". It's hard to get your facebook group noticed and joined.

    Be sure to mention on the start page intro that the group is for people NEW to social dancing as well as anyone already part of the tango community. To that end, encourage (as another poster mentioned above) people who dance other social dances. Maybe even title your group something that is more inclusive of other dance forms.

    Make your efforts less about giving instruction and more about developing a community that crosses over the factions being set up by others.
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  6. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    Facebook is quite useful tool for promoting events. I wouldn't rule it out just like that.
    Many organizers use FB for their marketing activities. And there are tons of FB groups and events.
    People won't come to your place just you are organizing something.
    You need to go to other festivals and meet people so eventually they will come to your event.

    I don't have experience with yaho meetup groups.

    Someone already suggested that you organized small milonga/practica for having fun.
    Ask people how they would like to contribute to sth new. Share your enthusiasm to others.
    You will have less work and people will be more focues on interpersonal activities. :D
  7. Zoopsia59

    Zoopsia59 Well-Known Member

    I'm not trashing facebook for marketing... It can be a good tool. However, getting people to join a facebook group can be tricky. You can create an event and invite people.. that's different from forming a group and getting people to join it or creating a page and getting people to like it. All 3 have their purpose and successful marketing typically takes advantage of the benefits of each.

    Yahoo meetup is just another tool and one that is likely to reach people that you don't already know and that aren't already part of tango. It's harder to reach people who aren't already interested when using facebook. Facebook tends to be "topical" where Yahoo is more geographic. You have the potential of having folks who search for activities in their area stumbling on your meetup even if they never considered tango as an activity before, that's all.

    Facebook also has the growing disadvantage of the way their algorithm shows or hides stuff on someone's streaming wall. It's impossible to know whether people are even seeing the stuff you post.

    Most of the tango organizers I know who use facebook do create a group, but they get a large amount of traffic by having a "personal profile" that they use to send out and accept friend requests from absolutely everyone. It seems to be easier to get connected that way than through groups and pages. It also has the potential to raise your visibility on people's wall because there will always be SOMEONE commenting or posting to you if you have 1000 friends.

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