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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by 3wishes, May 9, 2009.

  1. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Here is a very special thought - What is it about Mother's Day - and your mom or yourself that you've held in your heart of hearts-that somehow relates to your dancing? I'll start. When I was a little girl of the ripe ol' age of 8 years old, my 5'2" 95 pound mom - would RUMBA and CHACHA through the kitchen while cooking dinner, with her hips just MOVIN - she would grab me and place my feet firmly on top of hers and dance with me. My Mom is no longer on this earth - but I passed along the freedom of her dance spirit to my children - even if they did get embarassed. Thanks Mom for the first few dance lessons on top of your feet! and Happy Mother's Day to each and every one of you.
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    when I was a little girl my mom bought me a pink and white record player...she also put me in ballet class (where I was a bit bossy and overly ambitious for a bluebird of paradise)...and whenever the relatives came over, out came the record player for recital time...I didn't stay in ballet long...not sure why...and I spent decades saying I wasn't a dancer, but the truth is, the two things I most enjoy are singing and dancing, and my mom, who knew my soul, knew that...she couldn't sing or dance at all, but she knew that I could...and when she lay dying I sang to her and after she was gone I found my tiny pink ballet slippers in her dresser...I miss my mom and I am so lucky to have had her...
  3. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    My mom is one that got all four of us (her, dad, sister and me) into ballroom. She had a couple patients in town her studio is in (wasn't her studio then) and would always stop by Wendy's in that strip mall to get a diet coke on way home. She'd always wanted to dance, but parents didn't let her. So saw the studio in there every day she worked, and one day convinced dad to go in for a lesson with her. 3 years, a job for my sister, umpteen competitions and a ballroom costuming business later, the rest is history. :)
  4. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    My mom (and dad) wanted each of us kids to find something to "do" growing up, even though we did not have much in the way of financial means. She let us try a variety of different sports and arts/crafts until we found something that worked for each of us.

    I still remember going to my first ballet class. It was complete with leotard and tights and little pink vinyl coated ballerina box to carry my shoes in.
  5. waltzguy

    waltzguy Active Member

    My mom is the one who started ballroom dancing and was telling me all about it.
  6. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    I have no associations of dancing with my mother, except that she didn't like to do it.

    I will say, however, that she came to see me compete at USDC in September and was adoringly supportive, despite never having been much interested in hearing about it. That was very nice.
  7. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    That is a beautiful recounting, fasc...belongs in a Mother's Day card.
  8. NonieS

    NonieS Well-Known Member

    That was very beautiful, Fascination.... it got me a little emotional....
  9. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

  10. DancinDrea19

    DancinDrea19 New Member

    fascination your making me cry over here !!

    my mom is just wonderful and she encourages my dancing as she loves all the arts! She is an artist and I admire her devotion to her craft and her love of all the simple things in life!
  11. tanya_the_dancer

    tanya_the_dancer Well-Known Member

    My mom says she took some ballet some 50+ years ago and apparently did not like it all that much. She did not get to do anything music-related, which she has always regretted, so she put all 3 of us into music program. Which is why I have only discovered dancing as an adult. Now she likes to watch my competition movies and give unsolicited advice :)
  12. waltzguy

    waltzguy Active Member

    hey my mom gives unsolicited advice too! :p
  13. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    Mum got me into ballroom dancing a couple of years ago. She pays for a once a week class and dresses, basically, she is making it possible until I become more independant.
  14. Bella

    Bella New Member

    My dad always says to my sister and I that we get our artistic skills from our mama, who was a ballerina in her early days. :) Happy Mother's Day!!!!
  15. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    My mom paid for my first set of Ballroom lessons. We used to watch Ballroom Challenge and Ballroom movies etc. together, and mainly commented on the outfits lol. But it was a fun program that we could watch together. My mom though was a big fan of the arts. She put us in dance etc. when we were younger as well.
  16. chachachacat

    chachachacat Well-Known Member

    My mother had ballet as a child; there's an adorable picture of her in a long tulle skirt and toe shoes. I saw Nutcracker as a small child, and had little red and yellow 45s of highlights from it, which I used to dance around to. I wanted to dance early on. My mother was in the arts and very supportive of the arts. She was proud of me. I miss her and love her. She passed over on Mother's Day 1978. Happy Mother's Day Mom!
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    nice cccc
  18. chachachacat

    chachachacat Well-Known Member

    yours was very touching, fas.
  19. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Mary Margaret Ann had a tin ear and two left feet, no eye for color or design, and thought Shakespeare was too full of cliches, poetry was too hard, and ballet was incomprehensible. But she loved to listen to her kids perform music (all of us), went to every school and community theater play (two of us are now in the movie business in one form or another), kept every story or poem any of us ever wrote, encouraged us in every way she could. She had every Fred & Ginger movie in existence, and loved ballroom dance. She would have been thrilled that I've started to dance.

    She also thought Mother's Day was a scam, created by the gift/card/florist/restaurant industries. We always had to sneak gifts by her w/o ever saying the words, "Happy mother's day!"

    She died 8 years, six weeks, and two days ago, but who's counting.

    Happy mother's day, Mary.

  20. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

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