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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by spencer, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. spencer

    spencer New Member

    pls feel free to add to this collection
    I feel this will help a lot of us to look straight in one place for music.
    These are the songs i have presently and my list is growing :)

    eres todo en mi by ana gabriel
    liberian girl by MJ
    right here waiting by jose feliciano
    right here waiting-the spanish version,dunno who the singer is though
    mi todo by mariah carey
    diamante by zucchero and randy crawford
    USA for africa-cantare cantaras-julio,jose feliciano and vicky carr
    entregate by luis migue
    beautiful maria of my soul by mambo kings and los lobos
    blue bayou by linda ronstat
    abrazame dunno by who
    historia de un amor by julio
    islands in the stream by dolly parton and kenny rogers
    33 anos by julio
    killing me softly by roberta flack
    maria maria by santana and wyclef jean MY favourite :)
    i wanna feel your rumba by cms featuring tyrese
    theme from Godfather

    dancing in the moonlight by toploader
    black magic woman by santana
    oye como va by santana
    yo no te pido la luna by daniela romo
    cha cha latino-dance vision
    ballroom dance music-cha cha cha :) thats what it says
    todo todo todo by daniela romo
    chilli cha cha by jessica jay
    sway by pussycat dolls
    corazon espinado by santana
    ola chica
    la ultima noche by jose feliciano
    dance with me by deborah morgan
    echa palante by thalia
    cha cha merengue-ed daniela and the seasiders

    chica boom
    all night long by lionel ritchie
    africa by toto
    sunset samba by robert michaels
    bantu by kaoma ANOTHER favourite :)
    samba hey
    el ritmo hafanana by monkey circus
    magalenha by sergio mendes
    black machine-jazz machine from dance with me
    agua dulce agua salsa by julio

    Pls add more to this collection and i will keep editing this topic
    thanks all :)
    happy dancing!!
  2. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Very kind of you, spencer, but there's a DF directory for music in which you can add your favourite songs right here.
    Thanks! :D

    Twilight Elena
  3. spencer

    spencer New Member

    crap :)
    looks like i wasted a lotta bandwidth on this one,sorry :(
  4. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    Oh, no you did not waste anything. I was listening to each of your rumbas thru a music vendor website and I found that the Julio Iglesias' CD that contained 33 anos (Mi Vida: Grandes Exitos) was loaded with great rumbas and tangos. I am so happy to find this CD.
  5. spencer

    spencer New Member

    thanks contracheck :)
    atleast if even one of u found this worthwhile,im happy :)
    happy dancing!

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