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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by ticktickatick, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. ticktickatick

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    Please help me make the best choice for my first pair of Aidas. I know a full fitting would be best but it's not possible right now. The vendor in my state had to stop selling because their dancer got sponsored, and I won't be going anywhere near a comp with a vendor in the foreseeable future.

    In street shoes I am a regular width US 6.5. Lengthwise I am actually a 6, but the box of my foot is wide while the heel is narrow. Wide shoes usually don't work for me because they make the whole shoe wider, not just the box.

    In Ray Rose Kalaharis and Blizzards I wear a UK 3.5.

    The only Aidas I could get my hands on to fit were a pair of 23 Karinas. The 23s were way too long. About 3/4 inch between the back of my foot and the heel cup. The box was loose near the base of my toes. But the top strap (nearest my big toe) was actually a little tight. See pics :)

    For length I'll need to go down to a 22.5 or a 22 because the ball of my foot is so short. I wonder if a square box would be better so my ring toe and pinky toe aren't so buried in the straps.

    I'm looking at the Andra because the straps don't seem to fan out as much, but it says that the Andra is designed for a narrow foot, so I dunno.

    IMG_4699.JPG IMG_4700.JPG IMG_4705.JPG IMG_5297.JPG
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  3. rels77

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    I wear a size 8 street shoe and a 23 double wide square toe in Aida's. I like square toe much better. My toes go all the way to the end.
  4. ticktickatick

    ticktickatick New Member

    I have perused that thread to no end :) Having decided on Aidas though was hoping for some Aida specific help with my feet :)
  5. Miss Silly

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    I have the square toe Aida... I suspect they would be better for your foot shape as well.

    As you go down in size, the toe box area will get more narrow as well, so a smaller size *may* end up the correct width or solve your problems with the straps.

    A new pair of Aidas should be almost-painful in the strap department, since they will stretch out. My shoes feel so aweful to start that I actually pre-stretch them with shoe stretchers just to save my feet a bit.

    Side note - the leather ones stretch much faster than the satin ones. ANd interestingly, the black satin took longer to stetch out than the tan satin (??).
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    I actually sent tracings, photos and measurements of my feet to the national vendor (I am in Canada, so Amanda, but in the US, I believe its Ilia). measurements included around the front of my foot, as I also have wide feet. If you can have someone else trace so you can put your full weight on your foot and it spreads fully.

    I wear the model 66 in aida latins (with the mesh and no name), which I love as my toes have room and don't fall out the side.
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    Square toe box is roomier than round toe box, I tried both at a custom fitting, my feet are a little narrow. Regular width is to wide for me. The round toe box is perfect for me.

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