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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by ballroomdancertoo, Sep 29, 2017.

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    My pro does exactly this, and I have to really beat feet to keep up with him. He places me, and I am taught not to move a muscle for anyone or anything, and to stand my ground, not matter how close a competitor comes to me, unless he takes me to a new spot. He will move, and circle, and position himself around me, and then adjust my position only when he's settled and ready.

    For the smooth dances we usually start on the long side in front of the judges, although he will switch it up and position me on the long side closest to the audience. He is an expert at learning other competitors' routines quickly so he can avoid the traffic and collisions, and he has spent considerable time with me on changing directions on the fly, which is often necessary in smooth.

    He also has taught me that I have to have good solid movement from foot to foot to be noticed favorably by the judges, and that they will pick that up no matter where we start our routines.

    Sorry, can't comment on Latin, as OP requested....
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    To me, it seems like it matters a lot less in Latin/Rhythm. If I'm doing a Rhythm multi-dance event, I pick a place, and if after the first dance it seems comfortable there, I just stay there. Why wander around at random if you already have a spot that's working?
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    My issues are in Rhythm but more so in Smooth and Standard... one time we were walking around while our Quickstep had started... I had gotten a video and it really struck me as I watched my credit, I did not appear flustered on the video, but our beginning was a tad rushed when we did start. I’m noticing same issues with ending- do others have this as well where some endings are rushed and you don’t get to present, while other dances have a great ending
    Maybe a coach/judge may be the best person to bring this up. There really is no good way for me to do it
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    Perhaps you could show him a video of a couple, one who you like their ending. Nothing big or grand just a simple roll out and small acknowledgment of the audience. Perhaps ask him to show you how to do that properly. Ask to WORK on it. Like incorporate it into every time you dance at the studio. Every run through. Every time you run rounds.
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    I always practice floor strategy and bows in every set of rounds practice. My pros and I treat it like a real comp . If other couples are taking lessons on the floor I’ll smile at them as if they are my competition. The more you sweat in training ......
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    You don't stick your tongue out at any of them? :p
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    Only toni redpath if she’s coaching
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