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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by ballroomboilergirl, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. ballroomboilergirl

    ballroomboilergirl New Member

    My partner and I have a rather large problem: we have, quite possibly, the most BLAND rumba anyone has ever seen. Our coach refers to it as a "textbook rumba" - basically a collection of predictable, plainly executed steps that is about as fun to watch as paint drying. She wants us to try to interact more on the floor and be "more sensual" with one another. The problem is that I don't know how! Any hints on how to "sexify" our routine?
  2. Adwiz

    Adwiz New Member

    Every woman inherently knows how. :wink:

    I suggest you watch some competitive videos (Blackpool, Snowball Classic, Superstars shows, IDSF World Championship etc.) and see how the pros do it. Slow down the videos when you see interesting stuff and watch how they develop the technique.

    Little touches can make a huge difference. Don't look for big things, just little ones. For example, wiggling your finger in a "come on, big boy" kind of way during a Rumba Walk can make a huge impact, especially if you have an expression to go with it.

    The other thing is just perfecting your "settling" technique to get those hips moving. I assume your coach is already working with you on that, so perhaps just the arm styling and facial expressions are all you need.
  3. samba ajr

    samba ajr New Member

    what music are you using? Choose something that might get you "in the mood". There's a song by Stella Soleil called "Dance With Me" that makes me melt whenever I hear it. I wish I had a partner (not my instructor) :wink: to dance rumba to that song!
  4. dolceamore

    dolceamore New Member

    usually my dance instructor tell me that my hands are very important in the dance. always keep your fingers, how should i say it, i guess.. tense, or hyperextended. then you can play around with the arm movement. there are many places where you can place your hands to look "sensual" some being: on your head, neck, hip, between your chest. but all of these have to be done in one motion. (i dont really know if you get me) but like for example, if youre doing a sliding door.. on the opening out, lift your right arm up with your fingers hyperextended and your left hand on your upper abdomen. but........the key think in making this look sexy is with your fingers hyper extended. in other words,.... only the palm of your hand should touch your body. another move is when your doing a cucaracha... place one hand on your chest and the other one out and LOOK AT YOUR PARTNER and if hes not in front of you, look at the judges or your coach. Look at your partner is also very important in looking sexy in the rumba. it shows passion, like you really want them.heh well ya. im probably boring you and confusing you. lol :roll: take care. and TRY IT!
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  5. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Wow dolceamore! That's great advice. I can visualize exactly what you're saying, and I'm going to try it in my rumba routine at my lesson tomorrow! :D Yay! Welcome to the forums, dolceamore! :D
  6. dolceamore

    dolceamore New Member

    oh i forgot to mention... open your fingers. it also looks nice when you have the middle finger lower than the rest of the fingers.. i dunno if you get me.. not too low but just enough to give it style. try it and see if it looks good
  7. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I LOVE your avatar, dolceamore! :D

    Yup. I understand what you mean. As soon as you started describing it, I got a visual from some competition videos I've seen. I will definitely try it. :D
  8. dolceamore

    dolceamore New Member

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my boyfriend LOVES knives and so do I :D 8)

    its great!
  9. MadamSamba

    MadamSamba Member

    What fabulous advice, dolceamore! :)

    As for not knowing "how", ballroomboilergal, yes you do...we all know how, especially those of us who dance... *evil grin.*

    Just think about how you let someone you like know you like them when you're not dancing and pepper your routine with those actions, be it using your eyes or using your hands as dolceamore suggests.

    Aside from using technique to "sexify" your routine, the other thing to do is simply imagine your partner is someone you would LOVE to be doing the sexy-dexy dance of love with (if he isn't already)!

    Don't rush mechanically through your rumba. Do it slowly and, well, seductively. Use your eyes as much as your body. The only word of caution here is be sure that your partner knows it's just dancing if they're not the object of your affection...I've had this little trick backfire on me several times and afterwards the guy has taken it the wrong way...or is that the right way? :) Sometimes, particularly at social dances, it's safer to do your text book rumba. Ha, ha.

    Either way, I guarantee it will show through and you won't be able to keep a slight smile off your lips! :)
  10. IsaacAltman

    IsaacAltman Member

    Putting sensuality in your Rumba is not easy to teach. Only some of the best teachers have methods to do this. Look for a teacher who is able to this with kids and you will find the right teacher. All the other advice, without overstepping here, is artificial. You can't get it from videos otherwise we all would be champions. Although music helps in setting a mood, it is only dressing.
  11. ballroomboilergirl

    ballroomboilergirl New Member

    Thanks to all for the has definitely given me a lot more direction, rather than just "be sensual!" :lol: I'm finding more and more now that its not that I don't know HOW (rest assured I know how to seduce a man...LOL 8) ), its that I just need to get comfortable doing those types of things with my partner :oops: I completely agree with MadamSamba about knowing the difference between what goes on on the floor and what goes on off the floor...a lot of drama has arisen with my team because people take it the wrong way :? Anyway, my coach actually gave me a rather funny but good tip the other day for getting more sensual with my partner: get more sensual with myself, lol :lol: She was like "If you want to get comfortable being sexual with someone else's body, you have to be comfortable getting sexual with your own your hands down your body, play with your hair, bite your lip, arch your back...above all, get touchy-feely with yourself!" I was beet red after this little piece of advice, but it makes sense...
  12. alexandrahweis

    alexandrahweis Active Member

    This is something I struggle with, I'm afraid I'll offend my partner if I make it too sensual.
  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I KNOW I will :eek:
  14. vit

    vit Active Member

    It strongly depends on the 'dance chemistry' between the two
  15. millitiz

    millitiz Member

    I don't know. Back in the day, when my ex partner and I haven't developed good dance chemistry, but my coach said that there is just something very feminine, sensual about her (for instance, how she pointed her fingers, arms, where she looked, etc). This was Latin, btw.
  16. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    Interesting.. a thread thats TEN yrs old ,still gets comments.. wonder how they progressed ?
  17. flightco

    flightco Well-Known Member

    This sounds like it is all up to the woman; what do we men do to make ourselves (or more importantly, our partner) believe we are Antonio Banderas for 90 seconds
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I think for women, it isn't about how hot their partner is or isn't, it is about their own image of themselves
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  19. millitiz

    millitiz Member

    This. From my understand, there is little guys could do...unless you are talking about "balancing the energy/Yin yang" within the couple.
  20. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

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