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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Gary Molton, Jun 13, 2017.

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    We have just updated our mobile phone app to allow dance teachers to create and distribute their own dance routines from within the software, for free. Although this can be done completely independently of the standard program we'd like to extend the range of dances available so are happy to maintain any links to your dance studio websites that are included within each routine. Hopefully, this facility will be of interest to some of this forum members.

    In brief:
    The user version of the software displays dance steps on a mobile phone, as though they were drawn out of the floor in front of them. It then compares the way the phone moves to that expected by the dance routine and scores on how well they align.

    The programming software allows dance teachers to easily record individual steps e.g. a Natural Turn, then save this a simple text file or spreadsheet csv file. Each step can include a link to a video or website containing further instructions about the dance and therefore help promote the dance studio’s website. Dance routines are then just a list of the various steps, one after another, in a text file.

    The text files can be sent to ourselves or uploaded, via any ftp site, from where the dance studio’s students can download them onto their phone or tablet.

    Full details and some videos explaining the process can be found at phonedancing(dot)com
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