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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by dancewi, Nov 28, 2011.

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    It may not be exactly the same thing, but the beaded fringe on my blue skirt in my icon was attached using a sewing machine. If you don't want the track (is that even right? LOL) to be visible, you'd just have to make it very dense.

    Actually, I have a fringe question too. I want to attach individual beaded fringe to a dress - actually, just like this: tinyurl . com/c9b4ckn

    but how would one even DO that? It seems to me ripping the single piece of fringe off the track and gluing it on the dress is the dumbest idea ever, and it probably wouldn't stay on because the inner string holding the beads together would probably come out. And keeping the track part that the beading is attached to would make it look I just missing something here?
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    You definitely don't want to "rip the single piece of fringe off the track", because the whole thing will come apart no matter how well glued it is. The way to attach beaded fringe in single threads is to use the bunched bead drops sold by major suppliers (e.g. Chrisanne). You then sew (not glue) each individual piece, which has enough thread attached to allow you to sew it, by hand, to the fabric, and knot the thread securely, usually by back stitching it at least once before knotting. Then you put a small drop of glue on the back to secure the knot. It is quite time consuming, but the result is usually worth it.
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  3. Aurora Rose

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    A vendor told me that they take long strings of beads, lay them out and then cut them carefully a little longer than the desired length. They then add a dot of glue to the bottom to keep the beads from slipping. They remove a few beads from the top, glue it to the dress and secure with a rhinestone. Tedious, but cost effective.
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    Reviving this old thread with a fringe question... I recently bought chainette fringe from DSI to attach to one of my dresses. I had planned to attach very small pieces of fringe as suggested in this thread. However, the fringe is looped, not loose, at the end, meaning that the entire fringe is constructed of one, continuous piece of cord, rather than small separate fringes. Do you suggest that I cut the loops first before attaching the fringe? I hesitate about doing that because everything else I've read online says not to cut the loop until you're done attaching it, and because it seems tedious to have to cut individual pieces of fringe. Any suggestions?

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