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    "7 Tips To Master Salsa Dancing"

    Although the tipss and techniques you are learning are numbered
    I must say that they are NOT in any particular order. Please
    remember that as you go through this, they are ALL very, very
    important in order to truly master salsa dancing.

    Tip #1:
    You Have To Find The Beat

    The first tip we are considering is "Finding The Beat". It
    doesn't matter if you dance On 1, On 2, Rueda, whatever... if you
    do not find the beat, you will not look good on the dance floor.


    A lot of dancers think that by learning a ton of shines (foot-
    work) and spins, or partnerwork, that this is all they need.

    But your dancing has to be on the beat. Otherwise it will
    look like a mess!

    When you find the beat, you are able to synchronize your steps
    to the music. When this happens, the music and the dance
    literally become one.

    Have you ever seen a dancer that seems to have complete mastery
    of the dance? How did you feel when you saw that person on the
    dance floor? How do you think his or her partner felt dancing
    with that person? How do you think other people looking at the
    person felt?

    When you see someone that has mastered any particular dance, it
    is almost like magic.

    Another advantage of finding the beat is that you can shave-off
    and literally slash a lot of time from your learning curve.

    Once you have a firm understanding of the beat and know how to
    find it, you can master new moves a lot faster.

    Ok, so I know you're probably wondering:

    "How do I find the beat?"

    Well we'll get into that a little bit later...

    But remember...

    This is absolutely critical! In fact, I cannot stress this enough
    but let's continue with Tip #2...

    Tip #2:

    When I speak of attitude, I speak of the vibes that you give off
    when you go salsa dancing.

    People are attracted to good energy, and this is the same in any
    social situation. This means that it doesn't matter if you are
    at the grocery store, at the car wash, at work, at school, in
    salsa class, or at a salsa club...

    ...people are attracted to confidence, good posture, and a person
    who seems to be in control is someone who is regarded as an
    attractive person...

    Think about it. What's more attractive out of the two following

    Scenario #1: There's a guy at the club, and he's kind of slouched
    over, looks tired, not very confident in the way he dances. He
    has a bit of trouble asking you to dance...


    Scenario #2: Same club, but now here's another guy who is stand-
    ing up straight, gives off a sense of confidence, extremely
    confident in his dance...

    I think you'd agree that the choice is clear. And this is what
    I mean about "Attitude". Dancing is just like any other social
    situation, and attitude goes a long way.

    You MUST feel comfortable with yourself. You MUST feel good and
    confident with your dancing skills. The way you look out on the
    dance floor has a lot to do with a good attitude on your part.

    WARNING: Do NOT confuse "Attitude" with being conceited!
    Nothing looks worse than someone who tries to be better than
    everyone else.

    The key here is to be humble.

    Let your dancing do the talking for you. Believe me there is
    nothing more powerful than a person who is obviously great at
    what they do, but are humble about it!

    Now to gain confidence on the dance floor, and to help you
    achieve a winning attitude that attracts people around you, you
    have to feel very comfortable with every aspect of salsa dancing

    The first secret we discussed was "Finding The Beat" and let me
    tell you...

    Nothing prepares you to attain a high level of confidence, and
    overcome your fears and frustrations, like "Finding The Beat".

    But like I said, we'll go into this one Tip again a little later.

    Now just by using these first 2 secrets you'll be way ahead
    ...but wait, there's still more!

    Why is it important to give yourself an edge to the other
    salsa dancers? Are you in a competition? Are you winning

    Well let's face it. Salsa dancing is a social dance. Even if
    you don't want to compete at a professional level, you are
    competing for the attention of others!

    Let's be real. You may go out to simply relax and distract your-
    self. Or you may be doing it to meet new people. Or just to
    have fun.

    Whatever reason you have for going salsa dancing, you won't be
    having any fun at all if all you're doing is sitting down and not
    participating in all the dancing!

    Once you do start dancing though, you want to show that you have
    skills, otherwise, people will just NOT want to dance with you

    Would you really want to dance with someone if you
    don't feel comfortable with how they dance?

    So really, you are competing for a prize, the prize of respect,
    admiration, better socializing life, meeting new people, and
    everything else that comes with a social activity like Salsa dancing.

    NEXT -- In 2 days I will post the following:

    Tip #3 - Know Your Role
    When you learn to apply this tip you will
    find out how to keep complete synergy at the

    Tip #4 - Hand Coordination
    When you apply this tip, you will always
    be able to maintain your balance regardless
    of how complex a pattern is.

    And Still Coming Up In A Few More Days:

    Tip #5 - Eye Contact

    Tip #6 - Comfort and Safety

    Tip #7 - How To Find The Beat

    (This Tip #7 is continued from #1, this one
    will include an actual audio track that will teach you a basic
    conga beat and how to dance to it so you won't want
    to miss it!)

    See you in 2 days for part II!

    All the best,
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    Parts of the ballroom world are like this too. I try not to do this.

    Actually, yes.

    Nevertheless, because of this paragraph (which did come first above) you have to be able to offer your partner something they enjoy and want to come back to.

    I'm looking forward to reading the continuation.

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